The Copenhagen Neuroaesthetics Conference – University of Copenhagen

The Copenhagen Neuroaesthetics Conference

Come to Copenhagen

We invite everybody interested in the relation between art and the brain to come to Copenhagen, Denmark, and participate in the first Copenhagen Neuroaesthetic Conference, hosted by the University of Copenhagen. The conference takes place from September 24 to September 26, 2009.

Theme of the conference

Neuroaesthetics is a fairly new field of inquiry. This conference is convened to discuss the state of the art of the field. It will bring together a number of leading researchers working on all aspects of neuroaesthetics. See who is presenting here. The conference will include sessions on Visual Art, Music, Literature, Dance and Film, Aesthetic Preferences, Neuropsychology of Art, Experimental Aesthetics, and Evolutionary Aesthetics. It also includes one poster session with new work being presented on a variety of topics.

Program ready!

The full program is now ready. You can find it here . Abstracts for all speaker and poster presentations can be found here .

Registration for the conference is open now.