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Speakers and Abstracts

By clicking on the titles you can download a pdf file containing an abstract of the talk or poster. All speakers and poster presenters are listed alphabetically. To see the program schedule click here


Elvira Brattico (University of Helsinki): The neural correlates of the aesthetic experience of music.

Beatriz Calvo-Merino (City University London & University College London): Neuroaesthetics of performing arts: A sensorimotor approach.

Anjan Chatterjee (University of Pennsylvania): Visual neuroaesthetics: Principles and practice.

Julia F. Christensen (Universitat de les Illes Balears): Aesthetic preference for dance movements in different cultures.

Mathias Clasen (Aarhus University): Biocultural horror story.

Ellen Dissanayake (University of Washington): Proto-aesthetic responses in hominins of the early Pleistocene.

Karl Gramme r (Ludwig-Boltzmann-Institute for Urban Ethology): Darwinian aesthetics: Perfect faces, perfect bodies, perfect genes? An evolutionary psychological approach to beauty.

Torben Grodal (University of Copenhagen): Audiovisual salience, PECMA aesthetics, and the dopaminergic seeking system.

Andrea R. Halpern (Bucknell University): Major-minor perception by musicians and nonmusicians.

Alumit Ishai (University of Zürich): Neural correlates of object indeterminacy in art compositions.

Thomas Jacobsen (University of Leipzig): Aesthetic judgments of beauty.

Stefan Koelsch (University of Sussex): What makes music pleasant and unpleasant? Perspectives from neuroscience and cross-cultural studies.

Jon O. Lauring (University of Copenhagen): Theoretical neuroaesthetics: Implications for models and experiments.

Helmut Leder (University of Vienna): Why do we like art? Psychological explanations.

David Miall (University of Alberta): The neuropsychology of literariness.

Marcos Nadal (Universitat de les Illes Balears): Towards a clarification of complexity's influence on the appreciation of beauty.

John Onians (University of East Anglia): A neuroarthistorical approach to the nineteenth century.

Robert Pepperell (Artist): The perception of art and the science of perception.

Christoph Redies (University of Jena School of Medicine): 1/f2 characteristics and isotropy in Fourier transforms of visual art and other image categories.

William P. Seeley (Bates College): A visuomotor model for energetic costs effects in picture perception.

Martin Skov (Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre & CBS): Evidence for a process theory account of aesthetic valuation.

Christa Sütterlin (The Max-Planck-Society): On the backlashes of art on the human condition.

Edward Vessel (NYU Center for Neural Science): This is your brain on art.

Dahlia W. Zaidel (UCLA): Art, beauty, brain and neuropsychology.


Poster session

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